Keren Raiter presents enigmatic impacts research to Goldfields Environmental Management Group Workshop in Kalgoorlie

Two hundred and fifty environmental professionals including scientists, consultants, managers, regulators and representatives of NGOs gathered on 21-23rd May in Australia’s largest outback city to share information and experience on environmental management, with a focus on the mining industry in the Western Australian Goldfields.

Keren presented her PhD research on mitigating enigmatic ecological impacts of mining and exploration in south-western Australia’s Great Western Woodlands, which seeks to improve our understanding of the ecological impacts of development that tend to be overlooked by conventional impact evaluations. Such impacts include cumulative habitat disturbance by numerous exploration tracks, drill pads, and mining projects; the cryptic consequences of track establishment for predator activity across the landscape, and the effects of linear infrastructure corridors on landscape water movement.

Keren was interviewed by the Kalgoorlie Miner newspaper and received a lot of interest from mining companies, consultants and NGOs working on intersecting themes.

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