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Linear infrastructure impacts on landscape hydrology

The extent of roads and other forms of linear infrastructure is burgeoning worldwide, however there has been little quantification of how linear infrastructure affects the movement of water across landscapes. In our paper published in the Journal of Environmental Management, … Continue reading

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Lines in the sand

Dr. Suzanne Prober, Prof Richard Hobbs, Prof Hugh Possingham and I have recently had a paper entitled ‘Lines in the sand: quantifying the cumulative development footprint in the world’s largest remaining temperate woodland‘ published in the journal Landscape Ecology. You … Continue reading

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Being quoted

I just came across an interesting book recently published by Random House in the UK called Linescapes: Remapping and Reconnecting Britain’s Fragmented Wildlife, by Hugh Warwick. In the book, the author discussed some of my research, published a few years … Continue reading

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Jungkajungka Woodlands Festival

Don’t miss being a part of the inaugural Jungkajungka Woodlands Festival, held over Easter in Norseman, Western Australia—the Heart of the Great Western Woodlands. This event is organised by the Wilderness Society in collaboration with the Shire of Dundas, GondwanaLink, … Continue reading

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The Great Western Woodlands: a biological wonderland, a poem, a movement

I’m pleased to share that I have had one of my poems used as the voiceover for the Wilderness Society’s Great Western Woodlands campaign that they launched last month. The poem is called Biological Cornucopia and is one of a … Continue reading

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The Great Western Woodlands Campaign Launch: 3rd February 2017

All are invited to join the Wilderness Society for a special celebration of the Great Western Woodlands (GWW), one of West Australia’s most significant natural spaces. They’ll be launching a new campaign for the Great Western Woodlands and showcasing the new … Continue reading

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In defense of science

Originally posted on Being A Better Scientist:
I (Pleuni Pennings) endorse the following, which was drafted by Graham Coop (UC Davis), Michael Eisen (UC Berkeley) and Molly Przeworski (Columbia): We are deeply concerned by the Trump administration’s move to gag…

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