My research in simple English

I’ve taken the challenge of describing my research in the 1000 most-used words in the English language. Here goes…

I am asking: what does mining do to the land and living things in the Great Woods, far away from the city?

First, I built a picture of what types of problems might happen that we can’t see very well, or that our approaches to finding problems can’t pick up very well.

Then, I looked at what mining builds and found that it builds lots of roads and the like.

Second, I asked, how do roads change how the animals that eat other animals move? I found that the animals that eat other animals like using roads. A lot! There are a lot more animals that eat other animals on roads than across the rest of the land. This means lots of dead smaller animals that live near the roads. It would also mean less smaller animals if they become scared of roads and run away, or if they can’t cross the road to find other small animals to make babies. Roads also bring lots of other animals that shouldn’t be there (and also some that should).

Third, I asked what roads and the like do to water moving across the land. I looked at water ways and also at the roads themselves, and found that sometimes the roads make the water stop, and sometimes the roads make the water go too fast and take away the ground, and sometimes the roads make the water go a different way, so it doesn’t get to where it needs to go (and to the living things that need it).
We need to understand that while mining makes lots of money, it also leaves a lot of problems for the land and growing things. We can plan and act carefully to avoid some of these problems make some of the other problems smaller.


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