PhD completion seminar – March 14 2016

It is with great pleasure that I invite all interested people to attend my PhD completion seminar on Monday 14th March. The seminar will be a one-hour overview of my PhD research on the enigmatic ecological impacts of mining and linear infrastructure in the Great Western Woodlands of southwestern Australia.

When: 4pm Monday 14th March 2016

Where: Botany Seminar Room, Botany Building, The University of Western Australia

Why: To share the insights and results emerging from a mammoth research project that I have undertaken over the last four years.

Keren Raiter PhD completion seminar

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1 Response to PhD completion seminar – March 14 2016

  1. zixocp says:

    Congratulations! בשעה טובה ומוצלחת. בטוחה שיהיה מעניין.

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