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Kwongan Workshop: On the ecology of WA’s arid zone 22 July 2014

I’ll be presenting a 30 minute talk at the 2014 Kwongan workshop, entitled ‘On the ecology of WA’s arid zone’. My talk is entitled ‘The cryptic and the cumulative: mitigating regional ecological impacts of mining and exploration in south-western Australia’s … Continue reading

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Keren Raiter presents enigmatic impacts research to Goldfields Environmental Management Group Workshop in Kalgoorlie

Two hundred and fifty environmental professionals including scientists, consultants, managers, regulators and representatives of NGOs gathered on 21-23rd May in Australia’s largest outback city to share information and experience on environmental management, with a focus on the mining industry in … Continue reading

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Presentation in southern Israel

I’ll be giving a talk at the Dead Sea and Arava Science Centre at Hatsevah in Southern Israel this Thursday. Do join us if you are in the area.

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Volunteer needed for an adventure!

Click to download flyer

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The Great Western Woodlands: is there anything out there?

One of the most frequent responses that I receive when I tell people that I conduct ecological research in that part of Western Australia that lies beyond the Wheatbelt, beyond the old rabbit-proof fence, where there’s gold and dust but … Continue reading

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The matrix in ecology

Associate Professor at the Australian National University, Don Driscoll, has recently put together a fantastic video explaining how citizens can help save our wildlife. It’s based on a paper that he and others wrote on the conceptual domain of the … Continue reading

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Click to read the article in The Guardian: We should not play Russian roulette with Australia’s national parks A powerful group of eminent scientists have made their voices heard on the international stage with comments on the recent trend in Australia to introduce … Continue reading

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How to offset properly

A great post on Economical Ecology, on work done in collaboration between the Environmental Decisions Group and the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC for short). Calculating the benefits of conservation actions. Follow the link to read … Continue reading

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Student Conference on Conservation Science

Next week I’ll be travelling to Queensland to join over 100 students set to attend the Student Conference on Conservation Science from more than 30 countries, reaching as far as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nepal and Myanmar. This conference will bring together postgraduate students … Continue reading

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Is it art? Extreme Australian summer heat finds new colours

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology’s interactive weather forecasting chart has added new colours to extend its previous temperature range that had previously been capped at 50 degrees Celsius. The palette now includes deep purple and pink, which extend the range to 54°C – about … Continue reading

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